SWF have a number of policies that members clubs agree to work within by becoming an affiliate. You can find details of all SWF governance policies.

Child Wellbeing and Protection Policies

If you believe there has been a breach of an SWF policy you can raise this with SWF by completing and returning the Intimation of Alleged Breach of Policy Form.

Intimation of Alleged Breach of Policy Form

Appeal against a decision

As per Scottish Women’s Football’s (SWF) Appeals Procedure and Guidelines, any determination made by a recognised football body of a judiciary nature is appealable to the SWF Appeals Committee. The SWF Appeals Committee comprises of members who shall make a determination which shall be final and binding on the parties concerned unless the decision is appealed by the unsuccessful appellant to the Scottish FA subject to grounds for appeal.

The SWF Articles detail further appeal information.

SWF Articles of Association

Appeal Submission Form

Procedure and Guidelines

The Appeals committee deal with various different appeals including Dispensation, Rule breach, player Approach. Please note this is not the process for appealing Red Cards. Please see the senior competitions page for details of this.

  • The Appeals Committee should consider the appeal based on the appellant’s grounds for appeal, with reference to the submissions made by all parties and not on the original decision.
  • The Appeals Committee do not have to give reasons for their determination, however, the appellant may request for further information.

SFA Appeals

Following completion of the SWF appeals process certain cases can be escalated to the Judicial Panel Protocol at the SFA.

Information on Appealing to the JPP can be found by following the link below.

Judicial Panel Protocol

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