At SWF we want our sport to be the best it can be. To help with this, we are guided by eight principles that underpin all that we do to govern the game:

  • Fair: We have flourishing and resilient clubs and competitive leagues, with players treated well and fairly
  • Equitable: Resources help to grow the game in a sustainable and holistic way
  • Ambitious: The potential of women’s football is unlimited and Scotland is viewed as a beacon of good practice that is respected domestically and internationally
  • Agile: Our structures are responsive and adaptive to capitalise on opportunities and cope with challenge
  • People-led: Players, fans, clubs, volunteers and leagues are respected and valued for their contributions to the game
  • Transparent: Structures are robust and clear, decision-making is understandable and fair, and communication is excellent
  • Outward-looking: We thrive as part of a broader sporting landscape that draws upon the best knowledge and experience to drive positive change
  • Values-driven: women’s football is ethical, responsible and a force for positive change on the pitch and in society

Our Structure

Our staff team are supported by a wide variety of volunteers that make up a dynamic mix of committees that help develop the women’s game is Scotland, detailed below are just some of the groups that support the game.

SWF Board

The SWF Board is currently made up of eight volunteer non-executive directors who bring their energy, enthusiasm and expertise to help support the growth of the women’s and girls’ game. They are the top level of governance within SWF and are elected at the SWF AGM. Each director has a strategic overview of areas of work within SWF that are critical for the good running of the organisation. Beneath the board are dedicated committees and working groups that can focus on important work with more granularity to ensure that approaches are successful and decisions are wise. The Articles of Association can be found here.

Perform and Win Committee

This committee is responsible for the smooth running of our top adult leagues, The Championship and League One. These performance arm leagues are tiers three and four of the women’s game with a promotion spot available from the Championship into the SWPL. In addition to taking decisions on league matters, this committee also offers up strategic direction to grow SWF’s performance arm, liaises with clubs, and helps shape and hone new rules and improvement for the leagues. The committee is elected at its AGM and is led by the Perform and Win Director, Karen McGowan – it is made up of representatives of clubs and independent appointees with a knowledge and expertise in the game.

Strong Quality Growth Committee

This group’s role is to support the good growth of the youth game by ensuring our players get positive experiences and play in fair and competitive leagues. There are specific areas of work that require the direction from the SQG committee such as dispensation applications and whether teams are in the correct region and league. This important committee is newly chaired by the Strategy Director, Vincent Bryson and is made up of club representatives who have player development and wellbeing at their heart and supported by Scottish FA Club Development Officers who offer a crucial and impartial voice in decision making.

Regional LMCs
Scottish Women’s Football League LMC

Our regional adult football leagues come under the jurisdiction of the SWFL LMC who take the important decisions to ensure the smooth running of these exciting leagues. The LMC is made up of club representatives and supported by Scottish FA Club Development Officers. The AGM selects the representatives of this LMC and is currently chaired by Muirieston.

Highlands and Islands LMC

This league is guided by its LMC which is made up of clubs and SWF appointees. This league is currently connected to the SWFL and organised at a joint AGM.

Regional Youth LMCs

Our regional youth leagues are split across six regions: North; East; South East; South West; West and Central. In each region there are League Management Committees that are tasked with ensuring the good running of the youth leagues in those geographical areas. The LMCs are made up of club representatives and independent appointees that possess crucial local knowledge to help ensure decisions are appropriate for the region they serve. As well as helping to make decisions on league matters, they offer a really important sounding board for our Club and Competitions team and provide a useful club perspective to SWF decisions. The representatives are selected at the End of Season Meetings, the equivalent of an AGM.

Appeals Committee

We acknowledge that sometimes decisions can be unpopular, it’s inevitable in a game as emotive as football. That’s why it is critical that there is an open appeals route to clubs. The Appeals Committee is currently made up of SWF Board Directors who can offer fresh perspectives in decisions.

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