SWF Statement – Staffing Update


Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) can confirm that Executive Officer, Fiona McIntyre, has been appointed as the Scottish FA’s Girls and Women’s Strategic Project Lead where she will oversee the Scottish FA’s Review into Girls’ and Women’s football. This means that Fiona will be seconded in this new role until the completion of the review which is anticipated to take around six months.

SWF Chair, Vivienne MacLaren, said: “We are delighted that Fiona has been appointed to this role. Her knowledge and passion for the Girls’ and Women’s game is unparalleled and I believe she is the best person for the position. We have no doubt that she will continue to play a huge role in developing the game, just as she has done over the past five and a half year at Scottish Women’s Football.”

Fiona joined Scottish Women’s Football as a voluntary Board member in June 2014 as Strong Quality Growth Director and was subsequently appointed as Executive Officer in June 2017. Her role sees her provide day-to-day leadership and oversight on behalf of the SWF Board, managing key stakeholder relationships, and now managing a team of five full-time employees.

Fiona will start her new role immediately, and in her absence, Lorna Cameron will take on the role of Interim Executive Officer. SWF will also be bringing in a further member of staff to provide support to the Club & Competitions team as a result of Lorna’s revised role and responsibilities.

“While we will certainly miss Fiona’s expertise and contribution over the secondment period, SWF is well equipped to ensure the continued support, growth, and development of the girls’ and women’s game. Lorna has been in the interim role previously as maternity cover and continued to oversee an extremely successful period for the game. With the support of the team in the office and from the SWF Board, we are sure 2020 will see the same success.”