Who Cares? Scotland wins National Charity Award


Click here to find out more via the Who Cares? Scotland website.

Scottish Women’s Football’s Charity Partner, Who Cares? Scotland, took two awards at the Charity Awards 2018 in London. Not only did they take home the Campaigning and Advocacy award for their 1000 Voices Campaign but they also won the Overall Charity Award for excellence. Given the fantastic work across the UK, this was an incredible achievement.

Duncan Dunlop, CEO of Who Cares? Scotland, said, “Our 1000 Voices campaign was about empowering Care Experienced people to use their voice to drive change. This award recognises how bold, determined and committed Care Experienced people are. We hope this acts as a catalyst for change here and beyond.”

On their Facebook page, Who Cares? Scotland added, “This (Overall) award is for every Care Experienced person who has ever felt unheard, like their voice didn’t matter or that there was no point. It’s for those who hoped. Hoped that the world around them could be better and that tomorrow could be a place they belonged.”

From everyone at Scottish Women’s Football, congratulations to Who Cares? Scotland! If you’d like to show your support for our amazing Charity Partner, we’re encouraging our members to walk for them in the Kiltwalk 2018. To find out more and take part, click here.