PVG Process

  • Club Secretary registers the Official to their club, via SFA Live.
  • Club Secretary or Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer (CWPO) sends prospective official PVG Request Form.
  • Applicant completes the form and sends the completed form and three forms of ID to the Club Secretary or CWPO.
  • Club Secretary or CWPO sends the completed PVG Request Form and ID to PVG@scotwomensfootball.com inbox.
  • SWF completes the VSDS online application request form and submits to Volunteer Scotland.
  • Volunteer Scotland inputs the data into the PVG online application portal.
  • A link is automatically generated and sent to the applicant to complete the application process within seven days.
  • Official completes the application within the seven days.
  • Disclosure Checks undertaken by Disclosure Scotland.
  • Certificates issued to Volunteer Scotland and the applicant. Volunteer Scotland then forward on the certificates to SWF.

PVG Pitfalls and Pointers

  • If link not activated within seven days, link is invalid, and applicant must resubmit the PVG request form and ID to the club secretary or CWPO and process starts over again – Check your spam and junk boxes!
  • Approx. 33% of PVG applications are not processed due to club oversights – e.g. official is not registered, registration information is not up to date, form is incomplete, wrong ID is supplied
  • Approx. 40 % of Officials are not approved even after a successful PVG certificate is issued due to failure of officials to complete e-learning and/or declarations

Remember, until ALL aspects are completed, Officials cannot coach

  • CWPOs do not get automatic sight of the PVG certificate – they should ask for the issue date, and keep record of when renewal is due – three years from the issue date
  • If PVG is due to be renewed, the application should be sent three months before it expires to ensure the coach can continue to coach
  • Coaches (for u.18), First Aiders, Physiotherapists, CWPOs all require to obtain PVGs

‘Successful’ PVGs and Risk Assessments

  • A ‘successful’ PVG is required to allow the Official to coach
  • A PVG is deemed ‘successful’ in two circumstances:
    • PVG certificate is received with no convictions detailed
    • Risk Assessment of the Official has been completed

What is a Risk Assessment?

  • A process which is undertaken when a PVG is returned with ANY convictions (regardless how minor)
  • To ascertain the suitability of the Official to fulfil their role in SWF, and whether any safeguards are required to protect the official, club, and players.

The Risk Assessment Process

  • Undertaken by Wellbeing and Protection Manager who will request references from clubs, and the self-declaration from the Official
  • Sometimes a meeting with the Official is required
  • Risk Assessment matrix completed looking at ‘Risk Factors’ and ‘Mitigation Factors’
  • The Assessment takes into account all the circumstances of the offence(s), Officials, references, etc.
  • A recommendation is made and placed before the Safeguarding Panel
  • Recommendations can be wide-ranging, proportionate to the circumstances e.g. monitoring period, further training/learning.
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