SWF Statement – Dunfermline Athletic


Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) and the Perform and Win Committee (LMC), have been informed by Dunfermline Athletic that they will be unable to continue participating in SWF Championship North.

SWF is saddened by the club’s decision regarding their women’s team, but is pleased the club will continue to develop their youth section and to play a positive role within the community – SWF will continue to offer support to Dunfermline Athletic for this.

Dunfermline Athletic’s withdrawal from the Championship North means all results against them will be declared null and void. The league table will be updated accordingly.

SWF CEO, Aileen Campbell, said: “SWF knows how difficult this decision was for all those involved at Dunfermline Athletic – volunteers who have poured their heart and soul into the club. We understand the challenges the club have faced and will continue to offer support during this difficult period.

“Dunfermline Athletic have made it clear that while they can no longer sustain their senior team, they will now focus on their youth pathway. I have no doubt that given the positive impact they have within the area, that they will continue to provide opportunities for girls within football and will return to the women’s game in the future.”