SWF Statement – Affiliation Fees 2020


Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) has announced team affiliation fees for the 2020 season as follows:

Team Type: 2020 Affiliation Fee:
SWPL £800
Championship £650
SWFL (with entry into Scottish Cup) £530
SWFL (without entry into Scottish Cup) £470
Highlands & Islands (with entry into Scottish Cup) £310
Highlands & Islands (without entry into Scottish Cup) £250
University/Associate (Senior) £150
U19’s NPL £350
U15’s NPL £350
U17’s £200
U15’s/16’s £200
U13’s £120
5-11 years (One fee per Club) £80
Associate (Youth) £80

SWF notes the increases across all age-groups from the 2019 fees and would like to explain the reasons for these increases.

Increasing our fees is not a step we take lightly, and in recent years SWF has worked hard to both reduce and retain fees at competitive rates.  Similarly SWF has attracted a number of commercial sponsors in recent years which has led to the introduction of prize money at senior level and a commercial distribution model to senior clubs to reflect these investments.

The game has continued to grow with a record number of registered players and competitions under SWF – SWF now owns and runs 63 competitions in total.  The increased administration and cost of running these competitions and events, coupled with our commitment to support clubs in the area of child wellbeing and protection has resulted in a growth in staff numbers at SWF in recent years.

It is therefore increasingly difficult for SWF to retain affiliation fees at current rates without significantly impacting on the service to our members and our ability to meet our strategic objectives around growing the game in terms of both participants and spectators.

We share the frustration of our members and do not take this decision lightly, particularly in period when the spotlight has been shone on all that is positive about women’s football.  However, we also have a financial responsibility to be fiscally prudent hence the decision taken in relation to affiliation fee increases.

We believe that the girls’ and women’s game is in a positive place and welcome the Scottish FA review as it is vital that we have the optimal structure and strategic approach going forward to ensure the game reaches its undoubted potential. We look forward to working with the Scottish FA, alongside key stakeholders, on this collaborative review of girls’ and women’s football in Scotland.