The SWF Summer activities challenge gives young players the chance to win Scotland tickets

We are aware that for our young players the summer break can feel like a long time without football!

That’s why Scottish Women’s Football has created a summer challenge with a range of 20 activities for youth players to try out, with the added incentive of being placed into a draw to win tickets to see the SWNT for their whole team!

Some are physical or artistic challenges, some are more humorous and link in with this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is fast approaching!

To enter the prize draw, we encourage youngsters or clubs to send in videos, artwork and designs, or post pictures and videos online using the #swfsummerchallenge hashtag of the 20 activities listed below.

What’s more, there is every chance that the increased visibility of the World Cup will attract more girls to take up football so now is a good time for clubs to take stock of how they are positioned to welcome new players looking to take part in our sport.

 Here are the 20 #SWFSummerChallenge activities:

  • Score a goal and do your best Megan Rapinoe celebration
  • Recreate a moment you have seen during the FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • Design a new Scotland top for our national teams
  • Do as many keepie-uppies as you can – use a football or a balloon or some rolled up socks if the weather is rubbish
  • Create a new football chant for your favourite women’s football team




  • Write a letter to your favourite player telling them how much you love football
  • Learn a new trick or practice your best dribbling skills and see your techniques improve
  • Pick a country taking part in the World Cup and tell us 5 top facts about it
  • Create a fantasy women’s World Cup squad – why not mix in some of your team mates?
  • Design a programme for a World Cup football game



  • Do 10 star jumps every day of the holidays, or another daily training challenge
  • Record your own commentary over a match
  • Create a new club badge
  • Dribble through puddles like you’re John McGinn playing against Georgia
  • Practice your fast feet by jogging on the spot as fast as you can for 1 minute



  • Design a banner to take to your next football game to cheer on your team
  • Australia and NZ are hosting the World Cup – tell us 10 great facts about those countries
  • Predict who will win the World Cup and the scores for the big games
  • Try to learn two new football skills during the holidays
  • Draw the flag of your favourite country taking part in the World Cup – if you’ve got facepaints, why not draw it on your face!


The prize will be drawn on the day of the World Cup final. Good luck to all the girls!

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