SWPL to be administered by the SPFL for season 2022/23

Following the confirmation that the Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL) will be administered by the SPFL for season 2022/23, SWF CEO Aileen Campbell said:

“SWF is committed to driving the women’s and girls’ game in Scotland.  We are therefore determined to do everything we can to support the elite game as it transitions to the SPFL.

“With changes at the top level, SWF’s role and function in creating a positive environment for women and girls to play our beautiful game is now more important than ever.  We intend and hope that SWF Championship teams will ultimately battle for promotion to SWPL 2, with relegated teams joining the SWF Championship.

“But SWF’s reach extends far beyond the performance arm of women’s football.  From children to Championship, we deliver leagues and competitions for all ages and stages across the country.  And our vision and aspirations for the game know no limits.  We will never rest as we strive to ensure all girls and women know that football is, absolutely, a sport for them.

“Women’s football needs to be visible.  If girls can see it, they can be it. And the football they see must represent everything that is great about the sport we love.

“Football can be a huge force for good and we want to maximise its potential to drive positive change across our sport and society. We need to shine a spotlight on player wellbeing, to push for structural change and equality in boardrooms, and to drive a respect agenda.

“SWF stands ready and enthused.”

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