SWF Statement – SWPL Cup Postponements

Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) were advised by the Perform and Win Committee that they had considered a breach of competition rules by Forfar Farmington and Kilmarnock, pertaining to their Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL) Cup matches scheduled for Sunday 16th February.

The Perform and Win committee also operates as the League Management Committee and is chaired by SWF Board member Karen McGowan. This committee is comprised of 3 Scottish FA nominated personnel, and 3 club representatives from across the senior women’s game. This committee is responsible for governing the senior game in accordance with the League and League Cup competition rules and seeks to apply these rigorously and without favour.

The committee determined that the below rule had been breached:

Competition Rule 10(h): “Any club without just cause failing to fulfil its fixture obligations in respect of any such match in the League on the appointed date or dates shall be liable to such sanctions as the Management Committee may determine, but not limited to including the deduction of points, fine or expulsion.”

The committee agreed that neither Forfar Farmington or Kilmarnock had just cause for failing to fulfil their fixtures. Both clubs will be fined £100 and the results of the scheduled matches will be awarded 3-0 to their opponents.

Since these matches were not fulfilled, both clubs are liable for the associated costs incurred by their opponents.

The results and league tables have been updated accordingly. SWF acknowledges Forfar Farmington’s and Kilmarnock’s right to appeal and will make no further comment on this matter.

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