SWF Statement – Inclusion within Women’s Football

Football is a gender-affected sport, meaning it is impacted by the physical differences between males and females. Sex categories exist in football to promote inclusion and to provide fairness in competitions.

SWF has several functions including leagues administration and, more widely, growing the game. This includes increasing participation at all ages and stages, from recreational to elite professional.

The Guidance for Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport states that, “Where a governing body considers that transgender inclusion, fairness, and safety are all priorities, then a model for decision making around the best options and opportunities should be developed.” SWF operates within this territory.

We will never cease to unashamedly promote the women’s game in Scotland. Fairness and safety in football for women and girls will always remain top priorities as we seek to grow, develop, and further professionalise women’s football here.

SWF wants all women who want to play football to be able to do so. We must strive to create opportunities for everyone to play. It will require extensive and ongoing engagement and consultation with participants and wider partners to find the best delivery models, but SWF is determined to promote inclusion and enable people across all categories of diversity to play our sport.

SWF has a written policy on transgender people playing in Scottish Women’s Football. This document – created in 2019 – pre-dates the Guidance for Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport, and we are committed to working with the SFA and other partners to review the transgender policy in due course. In so doing, SWF will consider the fullest possible range of interests and perspectives of those with a stake in the women’s and girls’ game in Scotland.

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