Statement on BSC Glasgow and update on Championship & League One Cup

SWF statement on BSC Glasgow


BSC Glasgow have informed SWF of their decision to withdraw their team from League One, just ahead of the midpoint in the season.

The move follows restructuring at the club after a number of players left, and the club have indicated that they now wish to concentrate on building the pathway.

After forfeiting a number of games, in correspondence with SWF BSC Glasgow said they had been unable to get enough players to continue with an adult team, the team had struggled to field a side and the club would instead focus on its youth pathway.

The Championship and League One League Management Committee will sanction the club accordingly.

To have a club withdraw from a national league mid-way through a season is disruptive and deeply disappointing and serves as an important reminder that challenges remain when it comes to sustainability.

Clubs who are ambitious to play national league football must be prepared to value players and sponsors publicly, which plays a huge role in attracting investment and players to the team. That means prominent use of social media to ensure players are visible and feel valued.

Ambitions to grow clubs and progress up the pyramid must come with comprehensive strategies on attracting sponsors and the recruitment and retention of players. Withdrawing at any point after fixtures have been published and games played is hugely disruptive to all other teams competing and to the reputation of the game as a whole.

As per the rules BSC Glasgow’s withdrawal from League One means the results recorded in the league against them in the first half of the season will be declared null and void. The league tables have been updated accordingly. League One will continue with ten teams.


SWF statement on the Championship and League One Cup

Following the sudden folding of Edinburgh City’s women’s team in December, the Championship and League One League Management Committee have ruled that their place in the semi finals will be taken by their quarter final opponents Dryburgh Athletic.

Dryburgh Athletic will now play Ayr United in Edinburgh City’s place at a neutral venue in March.

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