International Women’s Day: Lynsay McKinlay

Did you know just 25% of head coaches/managers in SWF’s national leagues are women?

This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity and we asked the women at the top of our game about their own journey.

It’s the turn of Dundee West’s Lynsay McKinlay:

Q1: How did you get into coaching?

I had to stop playing due to a serious injury.  I didn’t want to walk away from football and wanted to stay involved.  My manager who was also female encouraged me to start helping with coaching.

Q2: Do you think a lack of women coaches and managers in the game is a problem?

Yes I think it is a problem as female coaches are positive role models and can show females that not only can they play at any level they want,  they can also coach at any level.

Q3: Girls in Scotland can now dream of becoming professional players. What needs to happen for them to dream about being a professional coach? 

Women footballers are now much more visible, the media coverage is fantastic. The same now needs to transcend into female coaches and managers being highlighted more in the media and promoted more in the game.

Q4: Describe your League One campaign this year.  

It’s a transition year for ourselves and its been tough, but the team continue to fight and have the heart, talent and ambition to move us forward.

Q5: What are your aims and ambitions for the rest of the season and next?

To keep encouraging the team, it’s been tough but the players love football and the bond they have is great to see. We have a great pathway for younger players and the talent is certainly there. We have a great coaching set up now including our other female coach, Jayne Digby who is a great inspiration to not only the women’s team but the entire female pathway. With people like that we will move forward and improve.

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