International Women’s Day: Julie McSherry

Did you know just 25% of head coaches/managers in SWF’s national leagues are women?

This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity and we asked the women at the top of our game about their own journey.

One of those is promotion-chasing Rossvale manager Julie McSherry:

Q1 How did you get into coaching?

Got into coaching by accident. The coach at the time left and I decided to take over. I wasn’t the best footballer to be fair so this was definitely the right option!

Q2: Do you think a lack of women coaches and managers in the game is a problem? 

I don’t think it’s a problem as such, as we want the best coaches to be part of the women’s game to help develop girls and women footballers. However I think if we want girls and women to get into coaching and to coach at the highest level they need to see that it’s possible.

Q3: Girls in Scotland can now dream of becoming professional players. What needs to happen for them to dream about being a professional coach? 

I think it is something that girls and women can definitely have as a career choice. Watching people like Leanne working at the highest level in Scotland and hopefully in the Champions League can start to be an inspiration. Emma Hayes is obviously another massive role model and gives us figures to aspire to.

Q4: Describe your Championship campaign this year.  

We are on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment. The Championship is a fantastic league and anyone can win on any given Sunday. Unfortunately we have let ourselves down on some occasions. We have an amazing group of players who will hopefully keep pushing till the end of the season.

Q5: What are your aims and ambitions for the rest of the season and next?

Our aims are to finish as high as possible in the championship this season and then hopefully continue to build on that. I have ambitions to work in the premier League personally, and with this group of players I hope this is achievable.

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