Busby Girls coach is s1jobs Youth Coach of the Month for February

Gary Dickson of Busby Girls has been named Scottish Women’s Football and s1jobs Youth Coach of the Month for February.

Dickson received the most nominations from 58 coaches nominated across the country who are inspiring girls in their football and displaying good qualities as a leader and role model.

Nominations praised him for his enthusiasm in growing the new club to 100 active girls in eight months and providing a fun environment for them to play.

Comments from nominations include:

“Busby girls has an amazing buzz surrounding it and this is down to Gary.”

“He builds their confidence and makes them believe they can achieve anything.”

“I have really noticed a difference in my daughter’s confidence and zest for life in the short few months she has been part of Busby Girls.”

“He has helped to build a supportive and inclusive culture, where all players are valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.”


Gary Dickson:

Q1: How does it feel to be named Youth Coach of the Month for February?

“I’m a little embarrassed if I am honest as I don’t do any of this for recognition, it’s all for the girls. I’m really humbled though. None of it would be possible without all of the coaches we have at Busby though so this award is for all of us not just me. Really, really chuffed so thank you very much!”

Q2: How did you get into coaching and why do you do it?

“I’ve always played football since I was a young boy and have coached since I was 16. Having a son and daughter makes you even more passionate as you want to create the best possible environment for them. I’ve always been the dad rolling about the soft plays as well, I’m just a kid at heart! There’s nothing more rewarding than being around young kids and seeing them enjoy themselves. Being able to make a positive impact on a young persons life is one of the best feelings in the world and one that money can’t buy. My daughter was having to play in boys teams a few years ago and I felt that this wasn’t fair. I firmly believe that girls should have the exact same opportunities as boys and I’m just massively passionate about growing the girls game and creating opportunities for girls.”

Q3: What is your career outside of football, and how do you juggle the time?

“Outwith Busby Girls which actually feels like a full time job, I run a Mortgage business based in Glasgow. I’ve had to recruit my amazing wife to be head of admin and kit to avoid a divorce! Before work, after work, on lunch breaks, lying in bed, every other minute of my day is spent on Busby Girls. Our other coaches are likely sick seeing my name pop up on one of the 3000 girls football WhatsApp groups we have but I never switch off from it as I want it to be the best we can make it for the girls.”

Q4: What’s your one piece of advice for other coaches out there in the girls’ game?

“Really, really simple: don’t focus on results, focus on girls enjoying the game and the impact you are having on their social skills that they can take into everyday life with them. I love the football and the competition side yes, but there is nothing better than seeing a shy young girl come out of her shell after a few weeks and expressing herself and making friends, that’s worth all the hours under the sun.”

Nominations for s1jobs Youth Coach of the Month for March are now open!

Nominate who you feel fosters a positive environment to ensure girls get the most out of their football here

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