Broxburn coach named April’s s1jobs coach of the month

Ahren White of Broxburn girls 14s has been named Scottish Women’s Football and s1jobs Youth Coach of the Month for April.

White received the most nominations from 31 coaches nominated across the country who are inspiring girls in their football and displaying good qualities as a leader and role model.

Nominations praised him for fostering a good positive environment at training and helping out at other squads across the club.

A parent said: “He really puts his all into the team and supporting the girls.”

A club official said: “Ahren helps out with many teams in the girls’ section, offering advice and support to coaches and players who don’t necessarily play for his team. Yet he will help anyone and everyone where and when he can.”

A player said: “He makes training so fun, I believe he deserves this award because of his love and passion for our team to go far.”

Ahren White:

Q1: How does it feel to be named Youth Coach of the Month for April?

It feels amazing, I would like to thank everyone who nominated me.

Q2: How did you get into coaching and why do you do it?

I got into coaching when I was in college, it was part of my course to volunteer a number of hours. I just didn’t leave. I was hooked and loved being able to coach young players in the game.

Q3: What is your career outside of football, and how do you juggle the time?

Actually, I am a sports development officer. so it never feels like I’m actually working! So giving up my free time to coach the community club was easy -I love being around sport and giving players the opportunity to also fall in love with the game. Giving them the chance to make memories and friends.

Q4: What’s your one piece of advice for other coaches out there in the girls’ game?

I would say just go for it. It’s one of the most rewarding things and the memories and friends you make along the way are amazing.

You can now nominate the s1jobs Youth Coach of the Month for May until the 28th here

Nominate who you feel fosters a positive environment to ensure girls get the most out of their football. Coaches with poor disciplinary records will not be considered.


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