Scottish Women’s Football League to return on 18th October

The Scottish Women’s Football League (SWFL) returns on Sunday 18th October. Each Regional League will play one round of fixtures up until the end of December.

As announced before the suspension of football, the three SWFL leagues sit as part of the new ‘Regional Pathway’ which is seperate from the ‘Performance Pathway’. This means there is no promotion or relegation from these leagues and there is the opportunity for more flexible rules and formats to be used.

These leagues will continue to provide an enjoyable and competitive environment for senior players but is focussed on teams who have a recreational centred philosphy.

The Highlands and Islands League has been a part of the ‘Regional Pathway’ since its creation in 2019. The clubs within this league have opted to continue to playing friendlies where possible without a set fixture list.

You can view the 2020 fixtures for the following leagues by clicking below:

SWFL Central/South East
SWFL North/East
SWFL West/South West

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