#SWF Youth Scottish Cup draw update…


Due to the adverse weather conditions we have had to delay the draw of the Youth Scottish Cup competition and are now looking to make the draw on Thursday  8th March, 1:00pm at Hampden.

We are pleased to announce 175 teams have entered this year’s competition:

Central: 13s x 12 teams, 15s x 6 teams, 17s x 1 team Total: 19 teams

East: 13s x 31 teams, 15s x 12 teams, 17s x 5 teams Total: 48 teams

North: 13s x 13 teams, 15s x 4 teams, 17s x 1 team Total: 18 teams

South East: 13s x 19 teams, 15s x 17 teams, 17s x 8 teams Total: 44 teams

South West: 13s x 17 teams, 15s x 5 teams, 17s x 2 teams Total: 24 teams

West: 13s x 10 teams, 15s x 9 teams, 17s x 3 teams Total: 22 teams