SWF launch new service ‘Club Finder’


On the eve of the World Cup, Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) has announced the launch of their all new service, ‘Club Finder’. This platform allows potential players and supporters of all ages to type in their postcode and find local clubs in their area.

Scottish Women’s Football Chair, Vivienne MacLaren, said: “This is a project that we’ve been working on behind the scenes and are delighted for it to launch at this perfect time.

“Girls and women across the country have been inspired by the success of our national team and on the cusp of the World Cup kicking-off, we hope we can translate that support into the domestic game.

“What I’d stress is that this service is for all girls and women in Scotland. We recently had an article speaking to three players over 40 who are still playing within our game. No matter your age, if you’re inspired by what you see then I encourage you to have a look for a club in your area.”

While the service is mainly focussed on helping girls and women participate, Vivienne hopes this will also help people find local clubs to support after the World Cup.

“We’ve seen year-on-year that attendances are growing steadily at the top level of our game and I strongly believe the World Cup will help this further.

“I also hope that our Club Finder will allow fans to start following the whole game. The National Performance League for example is the elite level for youth players, so this is a great chance for supporters to go along and see the next generation of potential national team players.”

To view ‘Club Finder’, simply click here.