As an organisation, Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) is committed to providing all member clubs and officials the information and tools required to ensure children and young people who participate in football are free from harm. This policy together with the appointment and selection toolkit and practice notes sets out SWF’s position, roles and responsibilities, and clarifies what is expected of our member clubs and officials.

The responsibility to safeguard, promote, support and protect a child or young person’s wellbeing does not rest on one person. We are all responsible.

Football can contribute in many different ways to a child or young person’s positive wellbeing including; health benefits, gaining new skills and experiences and being included and respected as part of a team. Supporting and promoting a child or young person’s wellbeing includes forming positive relationships, understanding each child’s individual circumstances and responding appropriately to any concerns about their wellbeing.

To ensure we can respond when a child or young person needs help or support, we must firstly understand their rights and the meaning of wellbeing. Secondly, we must recognise and acknowledge the risks that exist for children and young people in football and put in place a range of safeguards that minimise these risks. Leadership is essential to ensuring these safeguards are managed and promoted however, member clubs must also create a culture whereby everyone associated with that club understands the risks, but more importantly is committed to minimising risk and is knowledgeable/confident about what the correct processes are should a child or young person’s wellbeing be at risk or they are in need of protection.

Set the Standard – Code of Conduct