Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) is set to launch the Match Day delegate initiative ahead of the 2021/2022 season.

Match day delegates will help raise standards across the senior performance arm of the women’s game. They will be deployed to league matches to provide impartial feedback on the overall organisation of the match they attend. The delegate will be responsible for supervising the orderly organisation of the match, and for ensuring that competition rules and criteria processes are adhered to.

SWF Chair, Vivienne MacLaren, said: “The aim with this initiative is to ensure that standards across the league are maintained and raised based on the expectations set out in the criteria.

“This new system will see more regular and rigorous monitoring of the criteria as well as supporting the clubs and match officials. With the information we collect, SWF can work with clubs to make improvements and to ensure that clubs remain compliant within their relevant league.”

SWF are now looking to recruit a team of Match Day delegates with a passion for women’s football and a desire to drive improved standards across the game.

“The delegate will report on a number of key areas on and off the pitch” said Vivienne. “Therefore, a football background would be desirable. This experience will ensure that delegates appreciate the dynamics involved on a match day and that reports are informed by a degree of sound knowledge of the game.”

For further information about becoming a Match Day delegate, please click here.